Make a Fountain to Celebrate the Spirit of Water

It is ABSOLUTELY(!) beautiful here in the Midwest right now. The Spirit of the Land is smiling and laughing as she produces the freshest greens and prettiest blooms on every shrub, tree, and plant in the area. To celebrate the Spirit of Water that makes this all possible I brought out the fountain I made last year. It is yet again by my front door making happy little gurgling sounds, welcoming spring and visitors. It even helps to drown out the sounds of the not-so-close-but-close-enough-for-traffic-noise-to-bother-me-highway. Considering that I grew up way out on the countryside in Denmark where rush hour was to get stuck behind a tractor going uphill, I guess it’s no wonder that traffic noises still get to me- reminding me of pollution and not living in harmony, etc. But I digress- with this sweet little fountain I can barely hear the highway while I am in the front yard and that soothes my soul.

We do live on the “Water Planet” and our bodies are 70% water; with all that water it makes sense that we are naturally attracted to the sounds of water- a fountain like this would be wonderful for a meditation room as well.


I enjoy the challenge of re-purposing rather than throwing away. I had a working pump from a previous fountain- I left it outside for too long and got surprised by a winter storm. The turquoise ceramic base cracked but the hardware was still alive and pumping. The bowl is now a planter and the top a gazing ball in the backyard. New ceramic fountains online were upwards of $300, but this fountain was actually made from a salad bowl (Divided Iced Serving Bowl Set -MainStays) for less than $8.

Doesn’t this bowl just look happy?

Warning: Please be careful. These tools ARE sharp! Always use precaution and wear the appropriate safety equipment.

Step 1. Cut a notch in the top tray for the wire. I used a utility knife.

Step 2. Cut a hole in the center of the top tray for the pump. I used an awl to poke several holes from the bottom of the tray- then used a scissor , opening it and twisting it around in a circular movement to clean up the hole. An electric drill would have worked even better but I used hand tools.

Step 3. Poke holes for drainage in the 3 compartments.

Step 4. Fit hose and pump. IF the hose does not fit snugly around the pump you can use a rubber band to create a seal. Whatever seal there once was when the turquoise fountain was new, was gone by now-  but the rubber band works like a charm!

Step 5.  Adjust the level of the hose- I am leaving about an inch because I want to place rocks on the top tray for the water to trickle over and create more sound.

Step 6.  Paint the bowl the color you want – or leave it white. My front porch has some antique white accessories so I made it look like an old wash basin scratched and dented. Before you start painting, scrape up the outside of the bowl with a piece of sandpaper to make the paint adhere better. I used my artist acrylics but craft paints work too- as long as they are water based and permanent. Let dry.

Step 7. Mix the paint for the accents on the glass pallet before you apply them.

Step 7. Place the rocks (I got these from a craft store but would rather have used rocks from a trip to the beach or such. I put a little plastic succulent in there to look green and dainty.

Step 8. Move to your desired location, fill with water, plug in and celebrate the Spirit of Water!

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